Proposal for Sea Pool at Corrigan’s Beach Batehaven

Sea Pools and Ocean Rock Pools are becoming increasingly popular, having significant advantages over other pool types where they are possible. They are cheaper to establish and maintain, encourage multiple uses when properly established and support other facilities, businesses and community use depending on location. We propose a netted sea pool be built on Corrigan’s … Read moreProposal for Sea Pool at Corrigan’s Beach Batehaven

Water Wheelchairs

From the Bay Post The Batemans Bay Soldiers Club has donated more than $9000 from ClubGrants Category 1, to The Bay Push to provide two water wheelchairs at Corrigan’s Reserve Playground. This is on top of the Club’s support for $300000 of funding provided through ClubGrants NSW Category 3 and announced by Andrew Constance, Batemans … Read moreWater Wheelchairs

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