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Proposal for Sea Pool at Batehaven NSW

Sea Pools and Ocean Rock Pools are becoming increasingly popular, having significant advantages over other pool types where they are possible. They are cheaper to establish and maintain, encourage multiple uses when properly established and support other facilities, businesses and community use depending on location. We propose a netted sea pool be built on Corrigan’s Beach shoreline complimenting the Batehaven playground.


The new playground at Batehaven provides an all access community asset now well supported by public facilities and local services and businesses. It provides physical activity and fitness options for all children, and is now a social focus of Batehaven. Further development enhancing this facility is under consideration establishing a splash pad.

The playground and facilities sit on the foreshores at Batehaven. The area is beloved by tourists and locals but there is a significant opportunity to further enhance this areas utility by significantly broadening the attraction. By targeting our areas very very significant seniors community, as well as tourists, schools and businesses, the addition of a sea pool will enhance the opportunities for all to enjoy Batehaven by including a safe ocean dip.

The ocean pools around Sydney and other areas have been envied everywhere for many years. But many councils have preferred to develop chlorinated pool complexes. They do have some advantages. But there is a shift back with coastal towns like Ballina and Port Macquarie in NSW, Hallett Park in SA, and Mosman Park in WA looking at constructing tidal pools. Port Macquarie was awarded $50,000 by the state government in 2018 to undertake a feasibility study.

Many pools were originally built for bathers who were not confident in the sea or who had a fear of sharks. These issues are still relevant today, potentially even more so for seniors, young children and those with a disability.

Sea pools, even more so than rock pools, can bring a lot of people to the coast to experience an ocean swimming environment without the risks that beaches can have for those who aren’t strong swimmers. A sea pool can provide safe and attractive swimming for all. It will provide a boost for tourism and for local businesses, cafes and accommodation, and the community.

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