Petition for a Kiddies Low Impact Splashpad at Corrigans

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With Our Councils support, we will find funding

During the 5 year course of the playground project we heard much support for a kiddies Splashpad. We have discussed this opportunity widely and believe there is every opportunity to secure this wonderful facility for residents and visitors as an addition to our Variety All Inclusive Playground.

The petition asks our Eurobodalla Council to support this Community initiative. For us to secure funding we need the Council to include provision for a Kiddies Low Impact Splashpad, adjacent to the existing Variety Playground in the Plan of Management for Corrigan’s Reserve. Plan revision is scheduled in the first half of 2019.

The Eurobodalla Council has done a magnificent job delivering the current Variety Inclusive Playground consistent with our Community vision. With your support we can let them know both our appreciation and our support for further Corrigan’s development.

What is a Splashpad?

According to Wikipedia;

A splash pad or spray pool is a recreation area, often in a public park, for water play that has little or no standing water. This may eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is little risk of drowning.

Typically there are ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad’s raindeck. There may also be other water features such as a rainbow (semicircular pipe shower), or mushroom- or tree-shaped showers. Some splash pads feature movable nozzles similar to those found on fire trucks to allow users to spray others. The showers and ground nozzles are often controlled by a hand activated-motion sensor, to run for limited time.

Typically the water is either freshwater, or recycled and treated water, that is water treated to at least the same level of quality as swimming pool water standards. These splash pads are often surfaced in textured non-slip concrete or in crumb rubber.

We need your support

It is not possible for us to apply for a grant without the permission of the Council

The proposed water park at the new Mackay Park precinct is at the centre of Batemans Bay. It’s a great paid entry community resource styled on an adventure playground. The water park will feature water slides and a large tipping water bucket.

But on the basis of location, admission price and equipment type, it will not be suitable for or benefit all children, especially those with profound disabilities.

An even better playground

The splashpad proposed for installation adjacent to the inclusive Variety Inclusive Playground will be low impact. It will include a water filtration system with ground based water jets, foot operated water spouts and a rainbow channel. It will feature solar heating to extend the season for its use. No pools means no life guard presence is necessary. It would be free entry to all.

Over to you 🙂