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An Exciting New Event Showcasing Batemans Bay and Raising Money for Facilities for Children with a Disability




About Us

The Bay Push Inc. is a non-profit organisation formed to both promote and run a new significant event for Batemans Bay and to raise funds for a playground for children with disabilities. This facility is to be built at Corrigans Beach near Batemans Bay. The facility will be built in stages, a “Liberty Swing” being first priority, which is due for installation by end June 2014.

The committee members of the organisation are as follows: –

  • Charles Stuart (who has a long history with Variety – The Childrens Charity). Charles is the driving force behind raising funds for the playground at Corrigans Beach.
  • Geoff Fielding, who has experience with local business and disability services. Geoff is a partial quadriplegic following a skiing accident 20 years ago and provides first hand insight into requirements for people with a disability. He wishes to establish an ongoing community event to attract visitors to the region.
  • Robert Nedwich, will assist in managing the event. Rob was previously in business in Batemans Bay for 25 years and has many years experience in running and directing sporting events. This is at present an unpaid position. It is envisaged in subsequent years the event will be of a magnitude that will allow a paid position, which hopefully could be undertaken by a person with a disability.

As an adjunct to that fundraising it was decided by the committee to run an event whereby both wheelchair athletes and able-bodied people push people in wheelchairs. This has the benefit of not only raising funds but also creating an all-inclusive enjoyable community event, which both raises awareness and promotes the area.

The Mission Statement for the event is as follows: –

“To create and promote a holiday destination, friendly to people with disabilities in the idyllic coastal resort Town of Bateman Bay NSW Australia, through the provision of facilities comprising fun and sporting activities, appropriate accommodation and support services, all in an environment of equality to all.”

 The Event

The Bay Push will be held on a Saturday, date to be determined. The course will be from Hanging Rock along the cycleway to Corrigans Beach and return. There will be a number of divisions meaning the event will run for several hours in total. There will be a feature race for wheelchair athletes as well as races for able-bodied people pushing people in wheelchairs who are unable to compete themselves. There will be several gender and age divisions.

At the finishing area there will be a range of attractions including children’s area, stalls and food. It is envisaged that the event will attract a large amount of community interest and support. There will be a separate VIP area for visiting celebrities and attending politicians. Sponsors will be able to display their wares and promote their businesses at the park.

The course has been designed to have very little impact on local traffic. The local community and visitors will be encouraged to line the route and cheer on competitors. The Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce as well as local community service clubs have been approached and are very supportive, as are the local media. The Chamber members will be assisting in the run up to the event, with many pledges of support and help with arranging volunteers. Council has been approached and are supportive provided we comply with their requirements. We are conducting regular meetings with their Events Co-ordinator.

Following the event there will be a gala dinner at The Soldiers Club, a large local venue. This will be the presentation of prizes but also a festive occasion and will be well attended by the local community.

The Audience

The route of the event will be lined with spectators. There will not only be a high attendance from the local residents but also a significant number of family and supporters for competitors. The attendance of celebrities and high profile sports people will attract onlookers and assist in generating interest among all sectors including various forms of media. This is expected to promote the event and the area well beyond the Eurobodalla Shire boundaries with interest increasing each year. Destinations NSW will be placing it on their website and have indicated that if it runs successfully for 2 years they will consider it for regional event annual funding.

The Benefits

This is the first year of the event and is a wonderful opportunity to be involved from the outset. Preliminary response from media outlets approached has been overwhelmingly positive. There will be a long lead-in to the event with a steady build-up of news about the event and who will be visiting.

The event will be held in 2015 at a time to boost to the business community. There will be other activities for people with a disability on the Sunday, such as sailing, surfing and some other aquatic and novelty events to ensure people stay for the whole weekend.

When people with a disability visit a destination they invariably bring family members and/or carers. It is envisaged therefore that this event will provide a significant economic boost to the region. It is planned to be a flagship regional event for the area promoting Batemans Bay as a great destination for people with a disability. It is planned to make it a much-anticipated annual event.

Several high profile disabled athletes and other sportsmen will be invited to the event. This will further ensure that it receives a wide coverage in all forms of media.

It is planned to hold the dinner at The Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. It is considered to be a great venue for access for people with a disability and this event provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase the club and facilities.

All major sponsors will be included on event media releases and event clothing and merchandise. They will also be prominent on the event website and Facebook page. In future years following demonstrated success it is planned to invite naming rights sponsors for use in all releases.

The Request

We are asking that consider providing sponsorship for the event to assist meet the expenses of the following: –

  • Artwork and printing of event t-shirts, advertising material and other merchandise. A logo has already been designed by way of a school competition,
  • Hire of PA and timing system for use at the event,
  • Hire of necessary equipment for marking of course, pedestrian barriers, competitor and traffic management. If Council requires, it may be necessary to pay for some trained traffic control personnel, although we will be relying heavily on assistance from local volunteers,
  • Hire of equipment such as extra toilets as specified by Council,
  • Payment of any appearance fees for keynote speaker and celebrity guests,
  • Preparation of traffic, risk and emergency plans as required by council. (We are confident Council will help with much of this),
  • Insurances and permits.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the proposal. If requested, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with further information and to discuss you or your business receiving value for your sponsorship dollar.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Nedwich

Honorary Event Manager


Payment may be made by direct deposit to:

The Bay Push Inc. CBA Batemans Bay  062:650   1030:0721

Please email details of your contribution to: charlestuart@bigpond.com so appropriate acknowledgement maybe be given.



1 thought on “Sponsor The Bay Push”

  1. Hi Rob,

    The Cameron Family would be happy to donate $500 to this very worthwhile cause. This would take the form of $250 in cash and a Camerons H Hardware gift voucher for $250 that could be put up as a prize for any of the fundraising activities you may have planned. We hope this meets with your approval and wish you every success with the project. Please advise if this is acceptable and I will arrange the cheque and voucher.

    KInd Regards

    Lyndon Poirrier
    General Manager
    Cameron’s H Hardware
    Batemans Bay

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